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3 Ways To Get Building Owners To Say Yes To Energy Upgrades

March 2016

The CCES blog has returned. It was nice to take a break, but great to be back!!

A lot has been written about getting building owners and managers to invest in smart energy upgrades. We in the profession know they are beneficial in many ways. But how do you get somebody who may be scared by the technical aspects of upgrades to not stick with the status quo, even when presented with positive reasons? A recent article summarizes 3 barriers to overcome to get most such people to agree to move forward:

The three barriers are:

1. Does the technology work? Not only does it save significant energy, but does it do so without sacrificing any of the features of the technology it replaces or causes the user to sacrifice its lifestyle or workstyle to enable it to be used?

2. The finances. Is the simple payback reasonable and/or is the rate of return outstanding? As for the latter, we are looking at the energy cost savings plus other indirect benefits (reduced O&M, increased asset value, improved worker productivity) vs. the length of time the technology is used for.

3. See the project through and ensure that the technology works as designed. If the buyer just receives the technology and has to install something so new and different, it will get scared off.

If these concerns are suitably addressed for a given technology, whether it be solar PV or LED lights or anything else, then there is a good chance that even an unknowledgeable potential buyer will go forward.

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